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For the past 28 years, Rick Rivers has been a
successful entrepreneur in the floral industry.
Through his experience as a business owner
and marketer, Rick has learned valuable
secrets, gained through both success and
failure, that will help your business grow.

Rick has compiled some of the key secrets,
along with personal experiences, in his new
book entitled Blooming at the Top.  In the
conversational style that is uniquely Rick,
these secrets are laid out in practical terms
that will help you achieve the success that you
have been waiting for.

Florist are poised to make the most  Money
that they have ever made, if they will just  bring  
back the salesmanship of days pasteand copy
some of  the marketing strategies that are out
Both of Rick’s books listed below will help you stay on path and make more
money. These books give you a blueprint for success in small business for retail
florists. Brick and Mortar shops have lost the completive edge and are slowly
swinging that back around.  In these books you will hear many terms that have
never been heard before in the floral industry, LCV (lifetime client value), CRR
(customer retention rate) or Sales paths that meet all customers needs.